GUE Training

GUE's diver training is distributed across recreational, cave, and technical diving, and is considered by those who take it to be the best in the world.

GUE has something for every diver. Here's what we offer.



The course for qualified divers. We make stronger and safer, with solid in-water skills and improved capacity.

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Rec One

GUE's course for non-divers. We turn your dreams of being an underwater explorer into a reality.

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Rec three

Want to explore those wrecks that are tantalisingly out of range? Rec3 allows you explore to 39 metres in safety.

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Twinset Primer

Moving to a twinset or just bought one? You can learn everything you need without us, but we hugely accelerate that process.

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GUE Primer

If you are curious about GUE, or want to learn more about it, the GUE primer gives you a one day taster to see what the fuss is about.

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GUE Preparation

If you are nervous about GUE training, or feel you are not ready, this one day course will ensure you are up to speed and confident.

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