Rec 3

Ever wanted to go a bit deeper to see a bit more of the wreck or reef? Have you been sat on the boat having finished an amazing dive, waiting for the others to come back, wishing you could have hung out just a bit longer? The GUE Recreational Diver Level 3 course is a limited decompression course structured to prepare divers for deeper recreational diving while using sound equipment, efficient diving skills, and advanced breathing mixtures.


Keep a clear head, reduce the effort of breathing. Relax and enjoy. Deeper doesn't have to be daunting. Access the knowledge, get the skill set and go diving.


Open your diving to trimix and decompression. Extend your dive without worrying and enjoy the freedom the extra time brings. 


Use the right gas mix for the depth. Analyse your gas. Reserve enough gas to bring your mate home. Golden rules that keep you safe. Down is optional, up is mandatory.

Sample image
Preparing to video a class


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Practicing a valve drill on dry land


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enjoying a joke during an S drill


What's Rec 3 all about then

Rec 3 is a 5 day course during which you will complete 8 dives and at least 40 hours of world class instruction. As with all GUE courses, your training consists of a mix of interactive class work, land based field drills and in water skills.  After the course you will be comfortable planning and executing limited decompression dives to a maxmim of 39m (130ft) using trimix gas mixes of 30/30 and 21/35; and have acquired the skill set to use a stage for decompression with 32% nitrox. 

Rec 3 is the ideal stepping stone to give you confidence to tackle dives that require greater exposure. 

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Who are GUE?

Founded by divers who push boundaries in exploration, underwater research & diver education; GUE created the first global diving club. We simply shake hands and go diving.

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  • Gareth coached me to the point that I finally believed I wasn't going to actually kill myself under water!
  • I've had both GUE training and individual coaching from Garf and Imogen. Faultless, the pair of them. Professional, patient top class divers and educators. Sign up, you won't regret it.
  • You both helped me so much - not just in terms of making me an AWESOME diver....I am now able to pursue my love and passion of underwater photography
  • I found Gareth an extremely passionate instructor - his attention to detail was simply awe inspiring.
  • I have had the pleasure of taking both GUE fundamentals and individual coaching with Gareth...The transformation in my diving, particularly management of ascents, has been incredible
  • Gareths patience, passion, energy and 'third all seeing eye' is absolutely key to creating some very competent and happy divers.